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First and foremost, TUNEfootwear is about WELLNESS - complete body wellness. TUNEfootwer is committed to providing a healthy fitting shoe to promote healthy feet. With healthy feet, maintaining a healthy body becomes easier.

With debilitating foot injuries on the rise over the past 30 years, we stepped back to analyze the problem. The deeper we looked, the more evident it became that modern footwear is taking a giant toll on the health of our feet. Too much support, cushioning and narrow toe boxes have been built in to modern footwear and these impede our natural stride ability.

Many people are aware of the minimalist trend in running and athletic shoes that has emerged over the past five years. A lot of people are also becoming aware of the flaws inherent in traditional athletic and dress footwear. TUNEfootwear's mission is to bring to the men’s casual/dress shoe market that same style of healthy footwear currently being offered in athletic footwear.

To learn more, check out our 8 hours a day campaign or any of our men's dress shoes for wellness.